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Terpilowski party

As previously advised, Options Int'l. is sponsoring a Telecine Fun
Night in honor of Richard Terpilowski next Thursday (Oct. 30th) at the
Silver Screen Lounge (Hyatt on Sunset) from 6pm-8pm.  Richard will be
leaving the States shortly thereafter to go back to England.

For those that cannot attend the party, please feel free to send to
Options an email (optionspj at aol.com) or fax (615-327-1326) with your
words of encouragement and support to Richard.  We will present those
we receive by Monday (Oct. 27th) to him the night of the party.

Again, we look forward to seeing all of our industry friends that can
attend this special Telecine Fun Night.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.

Regards to all...
Donna Reid
Options Int'l.  

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