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engineers wanted, Hollywood CA

#1  Telecine Engineer for evening shift.  Should be familiar
with Gold Ursa, DaVinci, Digital Vision and Pogle, if
possible.   Additional knowledge of vtrs and Henry would be
a plus.    

#2  Henry / Graphics engineer for day or night shift with
knowledge of Henry as an editing and compositing system. 
Knowledge of traditional component editing systems and Avid
is also desired.  

Both positions require experienced people working with some
of the best Colorists and Artists in Hollywood.  We are
looking for a Quality oriented person wanting to work with a
quality group of people in Hollywood.

525 Post is part of  Virgin Digital Studios and the world
wide Virgin Group with 
medical, dental, optical coverage and Megastore / airline

Please contact Hank Smith Dir of HR or Dennis Morton VP Eng
525 Post, Hollywood
(213) 525-1234 V
(213) 467-1589 F
dmorton at 525post.com 

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