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Re: Re: Kodak and Cineon

Chris Bacon writes:

>My impression of the current situation in digital effects is that it was a
>big buzzword a couple of years ago.  A lot of people thought they were going
>to find quick fame and fortune in this new field, and as a result, more
>capacity was installed than there was real demand for.  So now there's a
>small shake-out going on.

Great point.  Shake away!  (Shake your moneymaker?)  

My only hope is that there will be more films that depend on qualities 
other than monstrous EFX...  but I doubt that this will help stem the 

I do think that DuArt's use of the Cineon to do titles on the blowup of 
Ulee's Gold points to the future of blowups and printing intermediates 
all going through a computer on the way to a film recorder.  Just imagine 
the ability to tweak gamma scene by scene, use colorist tricks instead of 
timer tricks, clean up glitches and dust and dirt...  that will be very 
powerful, and I'd guess that an "fully integrated" lab like DuArt will be 
one of the early adopters of this technology.  Just waiting for faster 
film recorders.  The cool thing is that if there were a cheap and fast 
film recorder, one could write a one-off answer print or blowup directly 
to film -- including optical track -- right on that recorder.  It would 
be revolutionary and cool...

John Snopes
dreaming in Muncie

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