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Colorist, NYC NY

Primetime Post, Manhattan's premier film transfer & digital video post
facility seeks day senior colorist with 5 years + experience. This
multi-standard PAL + NTSC suite has Rank Cintel Digi-4, daVinci
Renaissance, Meta speed, DVNR noise reducer & scratch concealer, real
time RTS Super 16, Super 35 Gates. TLC, K-Scope, Frame Store, Nagra-T
& Aaton keycode system. VTR D-1, D-2, D-3, Digibeta & Analog
formats. Will upgrade to suit colorist & client base.  Fax resume with
salary requirements in confidence to 212-989-7720 or call 212-989-6400
for operations director.  We offer competitive salary + overtime +
commissions and executive benefits package.

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