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Re: Overnight Colourists

Lorne T. Miess wrote:
> I am working on a project that requires me to work 1am to 9am.  I sleep 4
> hours in the morning and 4 hours before work.  What do other overnight
> colourists do for sleep?

When I used to work the overnight shift I found that creating a good
sleep environment was crucial.  I used foil in the windows to block all
sunlight and wore earplugs to filter out noise.  Also, a comfortable bed
takes on even more importance when working overnight.  I know some
people swear by melatonin, but I would be very careful with it, since
the jury is still out on it's long term health effects.  I would only
take it when other methods fail.  I prefer to get my sleep in long
blocks rather than in shifts, but it's important to do what works for

Phil Voss
Blue Water Post

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