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DVD facts please

Hi all,
I would really like to know a few answers re DVD and zoning and compression
and widescreening it.

How is the zoning encrypted? On the master? Or encrypted during the
pressing by some other means? Could one zone for instance press from
another's but coding their own zone? (Different classifications

What sort of compression systems has the States ended up with for  the
audio and vision for DVD? Has it changed or will it? Is Dolby a factor

I hear you can on some titles view the widescreen version or 4:3.
Is there actually two versions on the disk or does the player have a
"format converter" operational?

What considerations have to be taken when the Telecine process is

Is not this zoning system a waste of time? Surely the reasons it is there
should be solved at a higher level than at the consumer point. The ability
is there in the future for the world domestic market to be totally
universal in interchange formats, and by doing so having many more wide
ranging advantages than not. Wouldn't that be grand.

Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia

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