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My new upgrade!

...But first, I have some questions.

I searched the archives, looking for some information on lightning
displays, but came up with only references for bowtie displays.  I feel
like this is the same thing, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, My first question is, has anyone used a lightning display for
color correction, and if so, do you prefer it to the "traditional"
vector and waveform, and why?  Also, how do I know when I have illegal
chroma in the video? Is is when the color goes outside the boxes?

Speaking of illegal chroma, this leads me to my next question.  So far,
I've had three different answers on this one.  Maybe someone can give me
the diffinitive answer.  When looking at the vector, when is the chroma
illegal?  I always thought it is illegal when it goes beyond the little
boxes.  Then I was told that chroma is illegal if it goes outside the
circle.  Today I was told that chroma is illegal if it goes outside the
big boxes (which, of course, are outside the little ones).  (Like my
technical terms?)  I also go by the rule that if chroma goes beyond
120ire on the waveform monitor, then it is illegal too.

Anyway, can someone please clear this up.  I know of at least three
people who are waiting on the answer to that quesiton.

Now for my new upgrade.  I am very (and I mean very) happy to say that I
am finally upgrading my Marconi for a Bosch FDL60 with a da Vinci
Classic (the one with the knobs).  NO, I'm not kidding.  We just fired
up the da Vinci yesterday.  My new room should be operational by the end
of the year.  The really cool new toy that I'm getting is the VS4 which
will help for all of the archival material that I transfer for our

It just goes to show that all different degrees of
technology/experience/knowledge read the TIG.

Now that you've all stopped laughing, I'd just like to thank Rob, and
all of those who add to the value of the TIG by posting very educational
emails.  It's nice that we can all share our knowledge with one another.
(I feel so warm and fuzzy inside ;)   )

Anne Masucci	bean at worldweb.net
Wingspan Network

thanks to Rich Zabel of Tekniche for support of the TIG in 1997
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