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clearview is cloudy


I have recently used clearview or diamond clear for the first few times
with a great deal of success. It really does work as advertised. Beyond
this, we are charging an additional $250.00 per hour for its use. These
two items make me very pleased.

What I don't understand clearly is its operation. With daVinci not
implementing any handles for the device, running it in local is
downright clumsy. It is my understanding that the sampling window of
clearview is dependent on anything that changes the scanning patch size
of the URSA. As a commercial colorist I change the sizing and speed on
almost every shot that I work on. This naturally changes the patch size
accordingly, and as a consequence forces the tube to shut down with even
the slightest  reposition.

My question to the bunch is who has an elegant setting or way of running
clearview in a commercial daVinci environment that will allow adjust
ability of the clearview sampling window without having the tube
shutdown on every repo? Running clearview in bypass is not an option.

daVinci. What's your position on controlling this device?

Bob Festa              festa at pacbell.net
Director of Telecine
Encore Santa Monica        310 656 7663

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