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Re: clearview is cloudy

Joe you wrote to the TIG:

>The da Vinci protocol for Clearview was incorporated into DUI code before
>IBC and tested during the show. This version of code will be released to
>beta sites during the week of November 7.  Provided no serious problems are
>discovered during the beta testing process, the final release to all DUI
>users will occur within 2-3 weeks of that date.
>Clearview does not receive its control via the Ursa interface but has a
>separate RS422 port which connects to the Sizing connector on the
>Renaissance 888 frame.  It may be worth getting your engineering department
>to install this cable in advance.

Is it safe to assume that you will also provide control of DAV's ClearView
on Mk3 and Turbo2 machines that have DAV Scan Systems and ClearView
If so, when would this be integrated into the EdWin code?


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