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Ursa vs. Quadra

The following is from Karlo David at Omnipost in Manila.  Please reply
either to him at omnipost at epic.net or if of general interest, to the

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I have a question regarding Telecine machines. I'm really new to
telecine machines.  i have a fair knowledge about the Cintel machines
and BTS.  However, I really can't see much of a difference between the
output either one.  I know also that most colorist prefer the Ursa
over the Quadra.  How is this so.  I am ask to evaluate on the
performance of the two, i need help and guidance too on how to
evaluate the machines thoroughly.  Our company doesn't one to make a
mistake in purchasing such an expensive machine only to find out the
our clients prefer one over the other.  I hope I am not being a
bother. Hope to hear from you soon.

Karlo David

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