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RE: Overnight Colourists

At 09:06 28.10.97 -0600, you wrote:
> The solution came to me while flying to Europe in First Class (trade out
while working a TV magazine show) and they handed us the complimentary
booties and sleep visors or blinders.  Yes, the ones like Zsa Zsa wears but
without the sequins.  I got home and tried this wonder mask and was
immediately out into deep wonderful snooze land.  I wore those out and my
wife had to make another pair, this one with 2 straps (patent pending).  I
have no idea where you buy these, but believe me they are worth the search.
Maybe if enough of you graveyarders are interested my wife can start a new
cottage industry.  
>Gary Groth

Gary and all other graveyarders,

I visited a travel-accessories shop the other day and I found them there! It
was a set with mask and earplugs, from Samsonite. So I guess you would get
them wherever they sell Samsonite suitcases.

Hans P. Birkeland

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