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Re: Overnight Colourists

Magda Medianeira S. Palma wrote:
  I know how do you feel. Here in Brazil it's usual work in this time.
  Is difficult to deceive the biologyc rhythm. However whem I work in
 this schedule I had tryed to keep all the bedroom in dark. So I can
 sleep a little more in the morning and I try to do this again before to
 go work. I don't drink anything else to help me to keep ok all day.
  I try to condicion my mind to this new estage and not creat false
 expectancies. Is difficult in the first days but day by day the body
 keeping the rhythm. Although this my time of eating were altered. So I
 waste weight an I look was tired but in all my new work I work like was
 the first in the morning. We need keep cool.
 Magda Palma
 Casablanca - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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