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SGi did lay off 1000 people. It was necessary in lieu of our "reboot" of
the company. Ed McKracken resigned as well. As did Gary Lauer, the head
of sales.

As far as NT is concerned, we never had "the low end business" (nor do I
imagine we really want it); the de-valuation of our stock was due to the
softness of our server business, machines that do not come close to
"low-end" in price or performance. Our O2 and Octane machines are
selling quite well. 

I really don't want to get into an NT vs. SGI pissing match,  because
frankly, it isn't all that interesting of a discussion. However, do an
experiment: price out an NT box that can REALLY run SoftImage, and then
compare it against an O2 (or an Octane for that matter). Next, try and
network it with other machines in your building, then compare that with
networking an SGI. Then do some film rez compositing, at least 2K 12 bit
linear of 10 bit log...

  As I always say: "I like to use the machines that get me home at

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Silicon Studio Los Angeles           
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