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Re: Richard Terpilowski Telecine Fun Night Party

> At 1:40 AM -0500 11/2/97, Dwaineo at aol.com wrote:

> >I'd like to thank Donna and the gang at Options International for throwing a
> >great party, for a great cause. I know I had a very enjoyable time getting
> >together with the people we work with every day, and it appeared everyone
> >else was also having a good time. Hopefully Richard had the best time of all,
> >and I wish him well and hope he has a safe journey to the UK.
> >
> >Dwaine Maggart
> >FSE daVinci L.A.
> I'd like to add my thanks to Donna and Peter and everyone at Options Int'l for a great party last Thursay night.  I got to meet Richard for the first time, and was finally able to put a face with the name I've been hearing so many good things about on the TIG for the past several months.  And I have no doubt that he was having a great time.  I also got to meet several other people who I've only known as names on the TIG.  A good time was had by all;  I wish Richard well and look forward to Options next Telecine Fun Night party in Los Angeles.

Phil Voss

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