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>> Despite claims otherwise, NT
>> boxes are easy to setup, network, manage and use.
>easy to crash as well!  
>--Rob Lingelbach  (two Sun servers running continuously for two years,
>			knock on wood)
Sad but true with the current version (at least around here).  I ran NT
3.51 for a VERY long time with no crashes, no problems.  Poorly written
programs which crashed were dismissed without the OS emitting even a slight
burp.  Went for months between reboots. I punished the system severely on
sets running a disk recorder and all sorts of image editing software.
Absolutely rock solid.

NT4 is another story.  Microsoft did a lot of naughty things to speed it up
and make it more palatable to the WIN'95 crowd, and the exact same hardware
that ran 3.51 flawlessly now has all sorts of little (and the occasional
big) problems.  Not an OS to be used in mission critical applications (with
a mission critical app being defined as any needed app when there's a
client in the room with you).

Bob Kertesz
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