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<< There seems to be less and less advantage to owning a lower end SGI
 workstation as opposed to a high end NT workstation for general purpose
 graphics work, especially since the NT box can be had for a lot less money.
 This seems to be especially true for software, where the same package seems
 to costs a LOT more when ported to the SGI platform.  >>

There was an article in Business Week last August about the troubles SGI was
at that time heading into.  Seems they went hot and heavy into the server and
general purpose workstation business, against standard-bearers like IBM, DEC,
and Sun.  Didn't work out too well, obviously.

While it's a toss-up whether or not SGI workstations have any significant
advantages over NT for business applications or two-dimensional graphics,
things change rapidly when we get to three-dimensional processing.  In that
arena, even a dinky O-2 can hold its own against anything the Wintel world
has to offer -- for the moment anyway.  

I think that as long as SGI can weather the current storm, it will do well.
 Computer hardware stopped getting cheaper in terms of your actual cash
outlay a few years ago;  the trend is now to give you more bang for the same
bucks.  But mass market software keeps getting more inefficient and
overloaded with "dancing baloney" in an attempt to wow the least common
denominator, that you don't make any real headway with your more powerful
hardware.  As long as you've got high power, or production-oriented
applications, the cost to benefits ratio is still very much in SGI's favor.

Christopher Bacon

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