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Dear All

To further the debate on SGI v. NT platforms I would like to forward my colleague's experience with both.
I am sure several of you out there know Dave "A84" Levy.

Martin Parsons
The Mill

Date: 4/11/97 4:12 pm
From: Dave Levy
In the Mill 3D department we have roughly even numbers of 500MHz Alpha NT boxes
and R10K Indigo2s.

The NT boxes are around one third the price of the SGI boxes, are cheaper to
get hardware maintenance 20K vs. 2K !!!! and network just fine (at last) over
NFS (Intergraph software).

They all run softimage just fine and I go home every night. Incidentally it's
the same price on each platform.

HOWEVER: The NT philosophy of user-centric network mounts which only are active
during a login session means we have to administer the NT boxes individually
and in person. This is due to the fact that services such as mental ray which
they are perfect for have to be resident locally as they can operate in a slave
mode even when the box has no user logged in. This causes major pain as I write
a lot of custom shaders which must be installed on each NT box.

The no rlogin and no multiple user login sucks, I can fix anyones SGI from home
but the NT boxes need a droid peering at the desktop.

We are more annoyed at SGI shooting themselves in the foot with overpriced
machines, overpriced maintenance, not wonderful graphics, not particularly fast
CPUs and a general arrogance normally associated with the likes of a particular
Newbury based company.

If SGI feel that NT on an Intel box is a neat idea then they have lost the plot
entirely. So here is my suggestion.

1. Dump MIPS.
2. Choose Alpha.
3. Port Irix to alpha.
4. Use emulation for old MIPS binaries.
5. Get real with pricing and maintenance.
6. Dump alias. Softimage is your best ally.

If unix boxes were only 20% more we wouldn't even look at NT

Dave Levy       davel at tjfx.co.uk    ||    davel at mill.co.uk
tjfx Ltd, The Mill, 40-41 Great Marlborough Street, London
W1V 1DA           Tel:0171 287 4041     Fax: 0171 287 8393

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