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Super16 on FDL-60

Hi all,

We have been operating a standalone PAL FDL-60 (C1) for about one week now
and I am curious about the image I got when transferring Super16 film (for
standalone I mean no controller no programmer, just the telecine).

We send the telecine output to an external DVE (FDL-60 has no sizing) for
sizing and positioning to recover the proper film aspect ratio on video,
but I am curious about a white vertical bar I got from the telecine output
before the DVE.

It seems the gate is not compensating the image center offset to use all
pixels on the CCD array so I am losing horizontal resolution when scaling
in X to fill the video frame with image.

Is it that way? Am I missing something?.

Thank you.

Adrian Costoya <acostoya at starnet.net.ar>
Director of Engineering
Metrovision Producciones S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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