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Two Line VITC Lines

I would like to know what the consciences is for the line used for "Two
Line VITC".
 When I used Ampex VPR3 VTR'S years ago we used an in house standard of
lines 17 and 19. The original SMPTE RP was for lines 12 and 14 but if you
used non sync head 1 inch VTR's this was not possible. The SMPTE RP for
digital VITC I believe is 14 and 16 with the redundant line being optional.
And the Proposed 3 line standard is 17, 18 and 19.
Here at Deluxe Toronto we have been using line 14 for time code and line 16
for Evertz KeyKode. Until today we have not been requested for anything
different but a new production starting today is requesting lines 17 and

So the question is what is the defacto standard if any.

Jack Sinclair
Video By Deluxe

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