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Re: Two Line VITC Lines

>>I would like to know what the consciences is for the line used for "Two
>>Line VITC". So the question is what is the defacto standard if any.
>>Jack Sinclair
>Funny you should mention this... I was just finishing an
>email to my engineers saying we need to switch over to 14/16
>(we're currently 15/17... presumably a holdover from non-
>sync head 1" days).  All the network delivery requirements
>for me are 14/16 (ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO) so I will follow suit
>in order to minimize errors in dubbing, etc.  No standard,
>just convention to suit the majority.  -bt
>Bill Topazio, VP/Engineering     bt at mte.com     v:212-907-1225
Well, this IS interesting.  I've been using lines 16 and 18 for at least
the last five years on all Beta SP and Digi-Beta field recordings...

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