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Re: Super16 on FDL-60

Adrian Costoya wrote:
> transferring Super16 film FDL-60.......

As an engineer that worked on one of the 2 or 3 FDL60's in this country
that could run Camera Aperature 35mm gate, I would like to comment.

First, in order to do Super 16mm film, you would have to have a custom
gate, and custom software in the FDL60.  Granted, you said that you were
using a DVE  (If I remember correctly we used an ATX (RGB-ADO) with
custom software and ran Y=1.06 and Zoom=1.06 in order to get the
aspect ratio correct after the FDL.   Full camera aperature 35mm is not
as big a film footprint to transfer as Super 35mm, but the real problem
is the vertical part of the film.  Just zooming out optically will keep
the 1.85:1 ratio as derived by the optics and data transformation rate
of the FDL60. In order to get the correct horizontal size of the film,
you can zoom out optically, but you will then be exceeding the vertical
size of the filmframe, and this is why you need custom software in the
FDL60 in order to set the Sprocket pulse shaper load from  CPU, and
the writes into the available memory.  Remember the FDL60 is doing two
different data transformations in order to get the correct aspect ratio
at the output of the unit.  The bar you mention is probably the
over-scanned film image into the filmframe, which in negative would look

Horizontal positioning?  compare a piece of Super 16mm to Regular 16mm. 
Methinks all you did was zoom out, not zoom out & pan!
The difference between Full Camera Aperature and Normal 35mm is that in
order to get the picture correct, the Stock FDL threw away a small part
of the film image.  Camera Aperature 35mm transferred the entire 35mm
Image.  In order to do Super 35mm, the block would have had to pan over
to center the image in the center of the S35 film footprint, then zoom
out for the (even) wider image than normal 35mm, and different software
written in order to get the filmframe scanning correct.

All this and we haven't even talked about FPN! 

I do believe the above is correct as posted, but would suggest you
contact Mr. Bob Davis at BTS for further information.

Jan Janowski   Optimus

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