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On Nov 4, 20:39, Martin Euredjian wrote:
} Subject: Re: SGI

> Also, a server, particularly of the Internet/Mail flavor is really not
> a demanding application (unless you have a HUGE site). .... All you
> are doing is moving around a bunch of text files.  Once the software
> is stable

Well, it depends what server you're talking about.  Demanding does not
necessarily mean 'HUGE'.  On one of my Suns there are currently over
100 processes running, including +-30 httpd's, up to 50 sendmails
(actually exim) at a time, about 20 other assorted daemons (NFS,
automount, ntpd, named, vold, etc.), several cron jobs per hour,
various CGI scripts, Macintosh Application Environment (a virtual
Mac), all the usual underlying Unix processes, and when I happen to
upgrade or build an executable it sometimes hangs or dumps core until
I get it right....but it doesn't take the OS with it.  My experience
with NT 4.0 on a machine here is quite different...
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