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On Nov 5,  2:31, Martin Euredjian wrote:
} Subject: Re: SGI

> Well, yes, but how many of those processes are really consuming
> significant cpu time. If you run the "top" command, how much of a load
> are they really?

loads sometimes approach cpu saturation 1) when Excite and glimpse do
their indexing of the TIG archives; 2) during innd's expire.  It's
true that most of the time the cpu is loafing along, but sometimes the
load approaches high percentages, and as well I think of adding more
memory to its 64MB.  On the Ultra with 128MB, it's illuminating to use
lsof to see that there are 2227 files open during periods of low
activity.  When glimpse runs on this machine, and I happen to be using
gcc or something else fairly crunchy, load is kind of high...and
crashing is a foreign concept.

anyway, this has gone beyond telecine a bit too much perhaps.

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