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R.T.'s Party


We have read several messages on the TIG (including yours) expressing
appreciation to Options for sponsoring the party for Richard T.  We are
humbled by these expressions.  Options' motivation for giving this party was
simply our small way to display our love to Richard.  All we did was give an
opportunity for our peers to express their support and friendship to him (in
person) before his departure to the UK.... with, hopefully, the outcome giving
a bit of joy to our dear friend after all that he's been through lately.  If
anyone deserves recognition... it is those who brightened Richard's day by
attending the party, as well as the numerous others around the world who
conveyed, in various ways, their love to him since the accident.

As tragic as Richard's accident has been... it appears to have brought to the
surface a very positive thing about our industry:  We may be competitors (be
it facilities, manufacturers, or distributors) who are trying to do the best
in the careers that we have chosen.  However, the unfortunate situation with
Richard is a prime example of how our global "telecine family" pulls together
in a time of need.  This only reaffirms the pride that Options feels in being
a miniscule part of the niched (telecine) realm within the broadcast world.

Rob, our heartfelt gratitude to you for helping to get the word out about the
party through the TIG... as well as all of the "Orton updates" on Richard's
status since the accident.

All the best,


thanks to Bill Varley of Command Post & Transfer of Toronto for
support of the TIG in 1997
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