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Re: Ms. Masucci and Chroma

> Another good point, Chris.  You really need to get (in writing) the
> specs for the final product.  Don't depend on a middleman; if the show is
> PBS, get the PBS specs, don't go by what any interim production company
> because when the feces strikes the airscrew, you'll still be held
> since you were the last one with your hands on the buttons.
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Sounds to me that the programme receivers e.g. PBS should, if they have an
Internet site, have all this technical information/specifications on a page
for everyone to browse, print out and supply to their client to lock down
the Dubbing or Recording specs. 
This would also help the problem of receiving 10 year old specs, at the
time, (and not from PBS,) relating to the recording being on Scotch cushion
flange 2" reels!!!!. (Glue and all!)
Yes, I received this. It would have been fun to supply it, though.
The idea of dialling up that receiver's current specs sounds good to me.
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