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Re: Two Line VITC Lines

Jack Sinclair wrote:

> So the question is what is the defacto standard if any.

Looked up the answer to Jack's Question and found the following in the
SMPTE Recommended Ppractices--RP164-1996.  This RP was approved Dec. 10,
1996 so is the most current recommendation.


Position of VITC (the number in ( ) is the line number in field 2)

VITC should appear on one line in each field.
The preferred line shall be 14 (277)
If is necessary to preserve compatibility with older equipment, VITC
should appear on two nonconsecutive lines in each field.

In the above case, the preferred lines are 14 and 16 (277 and 279)
	--lines 12 and 14 (275 and 277) in type C recorders with sync 		head;
	--lines 16 and 18 (279 and 281) in type C recorders without sync 	
On component equipment, the VITC shall appear on the luminance channel.

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