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Burn Pattern in 1: 1:85

Dear Group:

I have a question to throw out there for anyone who's interested in
answering.  Lately I've been getting a lot of IP's in 1:85 for pan &
scan transfer.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with this problem, and
I'm curious to know if there is any solution for it.  When scanning in
on a 1:85 image with a Mark III Turbo until the matte is completely
gone, a burn pattern becomes visible in the picture.  The only way to
eliminate it seems to be an unacceptable compromise: either allow more
matte than you really want in the image area, or zoom in past the "tube
protect" area, with it's resulting loss of resolution.  I know that
there is method of resolving this problem with an Ursa, but is there any
way around it with a Mark III?  What I've been doing is to allow a
little matte to appear in the picture,  well out of TV safe, that can
easily be cropped with a video effects box if necessary.  This method is
satisfactory to my clients, but I'd sure like to know if there's a
better way to deal with the problem.

Thanks to all in advance,

Phil Voss
Blue Water Post

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