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Re: Ms. Masucci and Chroma

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997 19:36:21 -0500  Peter Balfour wrote:

>This would also help the problem of receiving 10 year old specs, at the
>time, (and not from PBS,) relating to the recording being on Scotch cushion
>flange 2" reels!!!!. (Glue and all!)
>Yes, I received this. It would have been fun to supply it, though.
>The idea of dialling up that receiver's current specs sounds good to me.
>Peter Balfour

Yeah, I've had a larf or two on that stuff as well (specifically from
PBS!).  But in all fairness, there was an interim spec issued in 1996
and there might even be a more recent one.  Go right to PBS in Alexandria,
Virginia, USA and request the RedBook which has content format as well
as condensed tech specs.

[I happen to have a quad tape right next to me... Scotch 420 replete with
foam cushion!]
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