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Re: Kodak Primetime

Dear Magda,

only as additional information, in case your telecine is an URSA:
Make sure (or ask for it) that your current software for preset
masking equations is version 5.09 (last release). These maskings
have been worked out by Kodak and Cintel to support vision 
and primetime material in grading. It should be selectable from
your desk. In case of negative material the masking classification is:

"0" for neutral
"1" for Kodak Vision and EXR
"2" for Kodak EXR Primetime

The primetime preset masking is aimed to the differencies of this 
dedicated film stock (the advantages and disadvantages of primetime
have also already been mentioned).
Masking itself is nothing else than a matrix which decides between
incoming and outgoing R / G / B dependent on the selected film
material. In theory the selection of the right masking should make it 
easier to grade such material as primetime and the result should also 
look better. As this is an engineering information, please try, compare
and decide on your own which way is the best. I hope this has been
a little helpful.

Stefan Sedlmeier
Engineering Manager
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Phone +49 89 3809-1876  Fax +49 89 3809-1549  Email ssedlmeier at arri.de

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