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Re: Relying on post prod.

	Hi all,
	I just picked up this message on the CML, I thought it would be
interesting to get your comments on this subject.


> From: dave <datru at ix.netcom.com>
> To: list at cinematography.net
> Subject: CML: Relying on post prod.
> Date: 06 November 1997 07:06
> Hi,
> The recent thread about the Oprah Winfrey movie got me thinking.  In
> this case they conformed the negative and the DP used filtration
> (diffusion) in telecine.
> While I use telecine and other post technologies to my advantage as
> well, a question came to mind.  How do we, and should we, protect our
> creative decisions for the future?  In the Oprah movie example, Mike
> Most said that there was never any thought to a film finish.  As we all
> know, things can change.  If the producers were to decide to release a
> print of that film I doubt they would try to recreate the diffusion look
> in a optical printer.  Also, we know how quickly video formats change,
> and they don't archive as well as film, so what if they go back to the
> neg for a new transfer in 20 years?  Will they call in the DP to
> supervise?  I think we know the answer to that one.
> Maybe this is a silly concern.  Perhaps things that finish on tape are
> "disposable."  I do know that a few years ago they struck new prints of
> "I Love Lucy" and they look great, and on cable I watch many old movies
> that have been preserved or restored.  Who knows, that show we finish on
> tape could become a classic, maybe we should be concerned.
> Finally, any ideas on a technology to address this.  A way of encoding
> on the negative changes made in tk?
> Just thinking out loud,
> Dave Trulli
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