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Re: Burn Pattern Revisited

This problem of yours sounds like its just tube granularity (from the
amount of zoom) and not burn itself, although burn would make the
problem more evident.  This is exactly why NEWSFLIP was made for the
URSA type TK, and why everyone is now relieved that products like Twiggy

Two experiments for you!  Put the film on upside down and run it
backwards using the same zoom config (thats NEWSFLIP?!).  Put the film
up normaly and zoom in and out and the pattern should move nicely with
the zoom.

One other tip, just for the test switch of your NR (if you have one) as
that can sometimes cause confusion if over cranked.

Once you have discovered finaly what the problem is, let us know!

Phil Voss wrote:

> .  It's a very even pattern accross the entire image, as if
> the picture had an embossed background.  --

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