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Operating systems

Okay, Okay, in deference to Rob, here's my last comment about operating

Chris wrote,

>But in the mean time, no one type of computer platform or operating system
>can or will ever be optimal for all tasks.

I agree.  When defending NT to Unix-only people, I say that "the claw hammer
is not necessarily the right tool for every job."  My company's web presence
is based on an NT machine which has been running dozens of processes for
over two years now, and I'm very satisfied with it.

Chris adds, 
>I think Unix platforms are actually becoming more popular than in previous
>years (even if their sales still don't compare to standard PCs), due in no
>small part to the popularity of the SGI O-2 and Octane.

Well perhaps.  I have a Mac, a 95 machine, an NT machine, and an SGI O2.  I
bitch at all of them nearly equally.  Every one has kept me from my family
at least one night.  Maybe O2 is popular, but tell that to the 1000 people
SGI is laying off to make up for their $50 million loss, and explain why SGI
has announced they'll be building NT machines next year.  After spending the
past 20 years in computing (my Altair 8800 still runs, and I have the MITS
newsletter where Bill Gates bitches that he stands to lose the $40,000 he
spent developing 4K Cassette Basic, due to theft by audio dubbing), I
conclude it does not pay to become emotionally married to any particular
high technology.  Technology and market dominance move so fast, you can't
help but experience several bitter divorces in the course of your career.

Finally (really Rob!),  Chris muses,

>...they let the Microsoft/Intel cartel grow much fatter on these
>perpetual hardware-software planned obsolescence cycles.  Maybe they will do
>something about it one of these days, who knows?

Janet Reno gotta memo saying "Prosecute Bill" and she simply misinterpreted.

It is the customer who elects to replace their hardware and software, and
nobody is holding a gun to their head during the decision.  If there were no
cycles of obsolescence, all vendors would go broke, we'd lose our jobs, and
spent our days chipping away at our stone axes and flints.  Wow, sounds
great!  But, no TIG.

Really Rob, I'm done (until next time).


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