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Re: grain/DV and Digital Betacam question

And I have another question, this time about digital betacam.
I'm watching the waveform monitor looking at the composite out.
I see a shot whose luminance is, say, 105mV . I put the machine into 
still mode and the lum level on the wfm jumps to 110. Play mode, 
105 again. Why?  Both fields identical. What's more, this is not just 
some switching or monitoring problem as it is not on every shot. Some 
shots show a steady 105 signal, whether in still or play mode. 
What's going on here?
Matthew Tucker
     This happen when you go from Play to Stop and vice versa.
     You can avoid this enabling the item #906 of the menu (Stop freeze 
     Control). If this item doesn't appear in your menu you need to do a system 
     ROM upgrade to version 1.20 or higher.
     I hope this help you.
     Andres Capdevila
     Humberto I 2889
     1231 Buenos Aires
     acapdevila at viditec.com.ar

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