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Re: grain/DV and Digital Betacam question

>Karl wrote
>> I wonder if you were looking at the analog output of the digibeta?

>Matthew wrote:
>Yep. Analogue, composite. Because I believe that if the program is
>assessed according to the lowest common denominator (analogue
>transmission specs) we'll have potentially far fewer problems with
>rejections worldwide.
>> This will show up all kinds of lovely artifacts due to the
>> relatively poor processing of the analog card... increased noise is
>> typical.
Matthew,the phrase that pays here is "you gets what you pays for" and I
learned this the hard way with the analog card... which goes for a tick
over US$2,000... what do you pay for a d to a converter? More than that I

>Is the analogue output really that bad? Or is it just bad compared
>with the digital output? Do you mean that using an external DA
>converter would give me a significantly better analogue signal?
Should be a hell of a lot better, but why not qc it digi? If the client is
assuming that it is going to viewed digi by other houses around the world,
look at it that way, which is how its usually done in Hollywood. Otherwise,
convert it to NTSC 3/4" and look at it that way... since there are (really)
plenty of stations around that broadcast their syndicated stuff that way
(including a station in Los Angeles that should be, but isn't, ashamed of
>I have noticed "flashes" during playback, and when I spool back and
>replay back over those images it looks just fine. Is this what you
>were talking about? Is the component output as bad IYHO?
Don't know what the "flashes" are... but have noticed after several years
of joy with the digi betas (including handling the standards conversion on
160+ episodes of an Australian soap shot and edited on PAL DBC and
converted to NTSC DBC,that it is possible to get annoying, non-repeatable
errors on playback. This can usually be cured by rolling the machine down
to the shop for an afternoon's visit.

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