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Matthew Tucker and Karl Rueby wrote and replied:
> > This will show up all kinds of lovely artifacts due to the
> > relatively poor processing of the analog card... increased noise is
> > typical.
> Is the analogue output really that bad? Or is it just bad compared
> with the digital output? Do you mean that using an external DA
> converter would give me a significantly better analogue signal?

To all:

As discussed above and the known poor quality (by today's standards of
comb filter encoders) I thought that I had heard that Sony was producing
as an option an "improved" higher quality encoder. Anybody heard of

By the way, to the dicusssion of an external DA converter, it is an
external (PAL) Digital ENCODER that would be needed.  Much more money. 
Those being used on most telecines worldwide cost between $8,000 and
$20,000 US Dollars.

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