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Re: Digital Betacam Quality

Bill wrote:

>As discussed above and the known poor quality (by today's standards of
>comb filter encoders) I thought that I had heard that Sony was producing
>as an option an "improved" higher quality encoder. Anybody heard of

Sony has a bulletin out on this. It replaces the NTSC Encoder I/C on the
DEC-65 board. Newer machines (in the last two or three months) probably
already have this I/C installed.

The new I/C correctly limits the chroma bandwidth before the quadrature
modulation into NTSC. We should all remember that the I bandwidth is 1.3 Mhz
and Q is 600 khz for NTSC.. It is not very nice to encode 2.75 Mhz of R-Y or
B-Y into such a small space!

Rob Chambers,
Senior Engineer, VTV.
Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

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