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>I thought that I had heard that Sony was producing as an option an
"improved" higher quality encoder. Anybody heard of this.

As I understand the history of this, after hearing everyone complain about
the composite output quality (or lack of), Sony finally decided to filter
the output.  I heard rumors that an updated Sony encoder board for existing
machines will probably go for $2000 or more. I suspect the quaility is not
much (or any?) better than the small external add on encoders like the Aja
or Prager encoders that some people use instead of the original Sony analog
output. These sell for well under $1000, and while they are not meant to
replace an Accom by any means, they are at least somewhat decent and perhaps
more cost effective than a board swap (or trying to deal with changing a
multiple legged surface mounted chip and doing the other assorted mods
Craig Nichols
Director of Telecine Engineering
Todd-AO Video Services

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