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Call for Nominations (Tweaker)

It is time for the 1998 Call For Nominations.

In keeping with the tradition begun two years ago at Telecine Fun
Night #1...  we are asking that you send your suggested nominations
for the third annual "The Tweaker" (formerly the Nerdie Award).
Nominations must be received by OPTIONS no later than close of
business Friday, February 20.  The 10 Finalists will be named in the
next OPTIONal Newsletter.  Voting instructions will be posted on the
TIG as well as in our next newsletter.  Former winners Rob Lingelbach
and Paul Grace are ineligible.

We kindly ask that you consider carefully your nominations.  Please
remember that this award was created for, and has been given to people
within the telecine realm who have gone "above and beyond" in their
efforts to exhibit leadership, concern for the industry and a
willingness to "go the extra mile."

Please send all nominations by fax to OPTIONS at +(615) 327-1326 or
via Email to OPTIONSPJ at aol.com.  Nominations must include the name and
facility of the person submitting the nomination.  This year's award
will be presented during Telecine Fun Night '97, tentatively scheduled
for Tuesday, April 14.

We look forward to hearing from you... and good luck to the 1998

All the best,
Donna Reid

**Congratulations to Seamus O'Kane on the birth of his son Alexander
Thanks to Snell & Wilcox for support of the TIG 
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