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re: grain introduction

Hi Rob,
           sorry if I'm starting with the obvious but  turn your Twiggi
off and follow your old procedure; I suppose an old tube might show more
than you'd wish so this is what I've done in the past...

Take a luminace key from a textured source, (say some cartridge paper
lit from the side and held in a still store, although the perfect key
source is shash or snow as it has it's own random movement), and key
through to your TK output. I do this through my Kadenza, (Kscope). With
the cartridge paper key It looks like a fixed pattern so I got a looped
running effect from one of our editors who had previously programmed a
"weave" effect into the Kadenza to give an archive look to new material.
the result is quite convincing without having to mess with the AC or
PEC's. If you have a Kadenza, by using the Priority this effect can be
mixed in and out and so change the sharpness and size of the grain.

Have fun...

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