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RE: Tensor lamps

Sorry i dont remember those but RS do a very nice rechargeable torch
that has a flexible head , magnetic base and night light for location in
the dark for a mere 15ish. They also do the same thing called a
flashlight. The torch version could be considered dangerous by our
friends across the water. 
Another thing i found useful on a couple of occasions is the glasses
with no lenses and "torches" each side on the arms.Could get a bit warm
Graham Collett
> Subject:	Tensor lamps
> Put on your way-back hats.  Years ago we used to have small Tensor
> lamps
> with a big magnet on the base that came in real handy as a work light
> that
> could be stuck on to any ferrous metal object.  I have contacted
> Tensor and
> they never heard of such a lamp.  Does anyone recall such a lamp and,
> better yet, does anyone know where to get new ones?
> Thanks

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