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Re: 2000

Said  Bill Topazio  6/12/97 1:24 :

>To the mostly-silent manufacturers...
>Do any of your products need any attention regarding the now
>infamous "Year 2000" problem?  For example, license servers
>and password verification files that use date codes.
>DaVinci?  TLC?  AATON?  Others?

Hello BT,
Zero problem for 2000.
The Aaton Keylink passwords being referenced to the foundation of Roma,
they will not surrend themselves Jan 1st OO since this day will 
only be a Dec 2749 to Jan 2750 passage.
Don't expect a free year license...

--jp (MacIntosh user since 2726)

PS: Question: the Nazarean being born Dec 24th,
why is Jan 1st our AD calendar reference?
Is this timing shift due to some sort of NTSC drop frame?

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