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Re: Tensor lamps

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997 11:22:18 -0500, you wrote:
>Put on your way-back hats.  Years ago we used to have small Tensor lamps
>with a big magnet on the base that came in real handy as a work light that
>could be stuck on to any ferrous metal object.  I have contacted Tensor and
>they never heard of such a lamp.  Does anyone recall such a lamp and,
>better yet, does anyone know where to get new ones?
Don't remember those, but I've got one of those "car mechanic" lights with
the long AC cord and the bulb in a cage, and it has a strong magnet in the

The head of the thing that contains the bulb swivels and also has a hook
for hanging it up.  Quite handy.  Bought it at one of those "Home Depot"
type of places.  Available in dayglo orange and dayglo orange.


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