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RE: 2000

JPB asked:-
>PS: Question: the Nazarean being born Dec 24th,
>why is Jan 1st our AD calendar reference?
>Is this timing shift due to some sort of NTSC drop frame?

Given your expertise in the problems editors and neg matchers have with
drop frames, mid-transfer re-syncs, zero-frame reference points, and
undocumented sync frames, you should be an expert on the identical
problems that arise with  leap years, the Gregorian/Julian calendar
change, the year 1 /year 0 dilemma (when does the century/millenium
really start/end?) and the uncertain start of it all (JC probably wasn't
born in year 0 or year 1 AD, but year 4). 

7 days between Dec 25 and Jan 1 seems the least of our worries.
But Dec 24th??????  Is this another French plot to be different?    :-)

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

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