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Re: 2000

>that Windows 98 will support multiple monitors!  He treads over ground 
>that the Mac plowed in, what, 1986, with the Mac II...

Not another Windows vs. Mac debate!!!... Hell, why not...

1-  Mac users paid dearly for a lot of the "cutesy" features back then and
now. Payment came in the form of more expensive hardware, software and
seriously reduced performance.

2-  Very few...  Let me repeat that, VERY few users ever have a need to run
more than one monitor.  I'd venture to throw out a number like 0.1% of
users in the PC world  (for reference, that's about 40K a year) might have
a true need for it.
Very few Mac users bought a Mac 'cause it could do muliple monitors.

3-  PC's have always been about what is economically realistic and
marketable.  Not about bleeding-edge stuff that nobody is willing to pay
for or even have a need for.  Hardware is now cheap, memory plentiful and
processors are extremely fast.  Running multiple monitors is not going to
take someone to the poor-house.
In 1986 even less people knew what to do with dual monitors.

-Martin Euredjian
 Telecine Engineer - Hollywood Digital
 Head Droid - Ai/Robotics

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