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Re: 2000

>A Mac, Ken, is a computer running an operating system sufficiently well
>conceived that stupid problems like the year 2000 do not occur.

Hmmmm... Are we saying that all of those IBM (and others) mainframes
running little operating systems like VMS, etc. were not "sufficiently well

In Windows 95 and NT the year 2000 stuff is not even close to being a problem.

Also, in a huge number of cases the Year 2000 problem has a lot more to do
with programming compromises that with OS shortcomings.  The typical
problem is the case were a database programmer decided (30 years ago) to
just store the last two digits of a date to save precious space on the 5
Megabyte hard drive and conserve precious core memory.

-Martin Euredjian
 Telecine Engineer - Hollywood Digital
 Head Droid - Ai/Robotics

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