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Re: 2000

"Cutesy features" they may be, but a lot of people appreciated little
things like being able to give a sensible name to a document, rather than
being constrained to eight characters, no spaces and a meaningless (to Joe
Public) three-letter extension.

Martin is right in implying that Windows 95 and NT are now really rather
good, but that has only happened because of the existence of the Mac.
Without it, we would probably still be lumbered with MS-DOS, or regarding
Unix as a positive development. With its influence, we can all enjoy
desktop publishing, the Web, ProTools, the Pogle user interface, and a
whole lot more good stuff.

The chances are that - due to colossal mismanagement and even larger egos
at Cupertino - Apple and the Mac will be lost to us, probably around the
time that old PCs fall over trying to make sense of year 00. For those of
us who love our Macs - mainly people like me who really could not care less
what is going on inside our computers - that is sad news.


PS 'Are we saying that all of those IBM (and others) mainframes running
little operating systems like VMS, etc. were not "sufficiently well
conceived"'? If their designers had not spotted the year 2000 coming pretty
soon after the 1999, then yes, I would say that they were not sufficiently
well conceived.

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