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Re: Windows vs. Mac again

> > And, if it wasn't for Xerox PARC Steve Jobs wouldn't have had a model
> > for the Mac <gdr!>
> perhaps 'model' was too kind in my previous :]
> See 'http://www0.vcnet.com/bms//catalog.html' for a complete list of
> the companies and software Microsoft has purchased, which it then
> represents as Microsoft products.

How Shocking! Representing the products of companies you own as if they were
yours after you paid for them! ;)

> The pattern continues with
> Microsoft's attempt to subvert Java..  I understand there's a team of
> developers in Redmond secretly rewriting part of Windows98 in
> "Microsoft" Java.

Who told you about that secret team ?! That was only known by  Bill G. and the
Trilateral Commission! Fox Mulder has been trying to find proof of that for

BTW, I still prefer Unix and think Gary Kildall(Mr. CP/M) had the better OS (if
not business sense)  :-(

Rich Torpey

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