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RE: 2000

Martin Greenwood wrote:-
This is a free test of all your mail servers, because I sent this
from a Mac on Dec 9th 2000.If you don't receive this message, it's
lost in time!!

Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 10:03:14
E-mail message from Martin Greenwood[SMTP:martin at pandora-int.com] enters
the Net and travels backwards in time, leaving a "hole" in hyperspace,
through which all connected systems will crash, thus bringing into being
the much-feared "Y2K bug".

Martin - you have just acted out the oldest plot in time-travel. YOU are
the culprit behind the predicted billion-dollar system failure.  Experts
will notice Jan 1, 2000 come and go with no problems, and relax. Then,
come Martin-mas (Dec 9, 2000), they'll discover their mistake!

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   
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