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Re: Mac vs. Windows again

              Mac vs. Windows again
              Tue, 9 Dec 1997 12:32:38 -0800
              telecine at alegria.com
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              Tue, 09 Dec 1997 12:24:03 -0800
              Phil Mendelson <philm at hollydig.com>
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At 07:27 AM 12/9/97 -0800, Rob wrote:
>On Dec 9,  1:24, Martin Euredjian wrote:
>} Subject: Re: 2000
>> 3-  PC's have always been about what is economically realistic and
>> marketable.  Not about bleeding-edge stuff that nobody is willing to pay
>> for or even have a need for.  Hardware is now cheap, memory plentiful and
>well, that may be true Martin, but if it weren't for the Mac
>(actually, the Lisa, Apple's model for the Mac) Microsoft wouldn't
>have had a model for Windows.  One is an innovator, the other is a
>usurper, subverter and monopolist.

Not quite......Microsoft could just as well have taken the Xerox Alto
Star systems as models the same way Steve Jobs did (if they were in the
hardware business).  That's bold to assume they would never have figured
I had occasion to see and play with a Xerox Star: built in ethernet
(courtesy of Bob Metcalf), (something that Steve Jobs, at the time, said
was inappropriate for a desktop machine); a suite of office applications
that came bundled with the machine; and a rather crude GUI that Jobs and
his team really finessed into something elegant.
.....not that I don't think Gates is a subverter and monopolist.....:)


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