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Re: 2000

At 7:45 PM +0000 12/8/97, jp beauviala wrote:

>PS: Question: the Nazarean being born Dec 24th,
>why is Jan 1st our AD calendar reference?

Sorry to do this, JP, but you got me started........

Deep breath,

It is now generally accepted by biblical scholars that the almost universal
moniker "Jesus of Nazareth" is actually a (Greek) translation error of
"Jesus the Nazarene", ie a member of that Jewish sect, active just prior to
the Jewish revolt of a.d. 69.
The birth of Christ was moved by the early church to coincide more closely
with the pagan winter solstice celebrations.

It is somewhat disquieting to realize that one's native religion,
inculcated from an early age, is nothing more than an abberation of a much
older and more historically accurate (relatively speaking) Jewish faith.
The "millenium", with its overtones of global calamity, new-age hysteria
and general lunacy, not to mention the kiss of death to early
Dos/Windows/IBM programs, of course means nothing to the majority of the
world's population, not to mention to community of wise Mac users!

Joyeux Noel a tout le monde

Note to Bill Topazio: don't you just love how the TIG can move with
seamless ease between topics of tube grain, Y2k, Mac vs Windoze, and late
biblical history. What a literate bunch!

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